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As I toss and turn to fall asleep I find myself twisting my head back and forth too uncomfortable to sleep. Not truly knowing why I was in such discomfort I search quickly on my phone for anything that could help. The first response from the web was a simple answer to this nightly issue, "the perfect pillow".

That was one of the last things I remember before it was in my cart and purchased. The simplicity and ease of the design gave me so much trust and comfort that there was no disbelief in the product's effectiveness and value.

In the same way brands, projects, and products all rely on the same invisible solution to create trust, value, and power for the buyer. Many times the consumer does not even understand what their problem is. That's where we come in. We find the unknowns in the project and develop them into their invisible answer. 

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Branding for the city of Marion, IN

My wife and I served as creative leads, with Marion Design Co. , on this amazing project that involved students, citizens, educators, and community members throughout the city. 


It takes a Village

Branding for an event focused on the community's involvement and role in raising children in their area as a wholisitc and involved process.  



Brand Creation + Strategy

Whether you need a revamp, help with  current assets, or a brand created from the ground up, we can help. With a focus on the user and an emphasis on how the product works we will be sure to get you the right tool for the job.

We believe your mark says a lot about who you are and we find it's crucial to have one that speaks a good word about you. Send us a line and let's get started.