Karyn + Anthony | Elopement

Our First Elopement

When Karyn emailed me about her eloping with her fiancé in Washington, where Hunter and I now live, I couldn't have been more excited. I knew Karyn from Hunter and I's college and through our brief interactions at school, I knew this would be special. Plus all the photographers I looked up to and admired for years were all shooting elopements in beautiful places, and I loved the idea of getting to photograph and capture such an intimate and beautiful moment.

Hunter and I were only there for a brief time, to pretty much just capture the ceremony and then to let them enjoy their mini honeymoon and explore during their short time here (which we actually ran into them hiking just a couple hours later) . In the cute little cabin located at Lake Cushman, these two said "I do". It was simple and it was sweet. I loved that it was something over complicated, over thought, it was simply the core of commitment and marriage.  We are so thankful for the opportunity, and hope to capture more moments like this in our new home state!