It all started when…

The journey of our YES to Berlin began a little over 2 years ago. As many of you may know we got married in August of that year and made our first move as The Razos to Tacoma, WA. We had sensed that Tacoma would not be our forever home and knew that by moving here we were purposefully making the declaration to Jesus that we were open to however he wanted to lead us.

Shortly after our move to Tacoma the Lord had called our friends Shane and Elizabeth Roley to begin work in Berlin alongside refugees of many nations. We followed them on the first team to what would become our future home and had a powerful time of ministry and experienced the Lord in many ways. However, it wasn’t quite time to make the move. We both felt the Lord had something for us in Berlin, but that our work in Tacoma was not quite finished.

Within the last year the Lord has opened up doors for us to minister in a local high school (where revival is breaking out and kids are saying YES to Jesus each week!) , prepared and stretched us in knowledge and practice, and allowed us to connect to his heart in profound ways. it’s clear why he would have kept us here for this time.