WHO WE ARE, and how we got here

I started long before I started...

My name is Miranda Razo and between photographing random things in the yard to creating my own projects when I was younger, I always loved the way photos could take a moment and capture it. I'd say I have been shooting as more than a hobby for the past 7 years. When it came to school all I could think of was to pursue it further, taking the plunge into the major and learning how to do this well. As I began to get better and busier with weddings I began to see the value of having a second shooter, while also noticing a "cute boy" that so happened to offer his assitance. 

Thankfully he chose to pursue me and the it all worked out. We became a great team. He helped me as my second shooter, and I became his toughest critique. Together we make each other better. We believe that about the lovely people we get to work with too, so please let's chat!



I started when I saw her...

My name's Hunter Razo and I'd like to romantically say that I had always loved photography, but the truth was that there was a cute girl I was fond of pursuing and being her second-shooter meant she had to spend time with me. I did however, always love art. I would always find myself doodling on whatever test, paper, or assignment I had. I never thought it would go anywhere, so when I found out I could get paid to do what I love, I easily chose design.  I love how design allows us to express the importance of people, places, or ideas to those that aren't already seeing it. It makes the intangible, tangible. 

Thankfully the pursuit of this cute girl panned out. We became a great team, she took me as her second shooter, and she became my greatest collaborator. Together we make each other better. We believe that about the wonderful people we get to meet too, so let's work together!


            Together we promise to work hard to capture all the honest moments that happen when we're together with you. We'll laugh, cry, dance, rejoice, party and all other emotions in between alongside of you, because photos were meant to have feeling. We thrive off of the everyday beautiful moments, that are so incredibly unique to who you are.

-- or --

Together we'll make the desgin work, allow it to tell a story, create a brand, and help communicate what only design can.