The Hines Wedding at the Zoo

When I met these two, I knew right away that their day would be one filled with lots of laughs and even more love. It was obvious with their dedication towards each other throughout intense schooling and long distance, their love for one another was SO strong. No matter what came their way they had an attitude of joy and a response of love and I couldn't have been more thrilled to be invited to capture their day.

 The time of day of the ceremony (10 am, complete with a 7 am first look which was SO beautiful) the perfect overcast (yet very chilly) weather, and the location of this wedding made it so spectacular. Even more spectacular was the fact that Michelle and Harrison are two amazing human beings. They chose to get married at the gardens at the  Indy Zoo, but little did they know that April wouldn't bring them the warmest weather. They stuck it out so wonderfully and in a beautiful setting started their life together surrounded by friends and family that loved them dearly. So many highlights came from this day, but enjoy the story of the new Mr. and Mrs. Hines. 

Miranda RazoComment