Berlin 2017

Open Doors and Greater Possibility... 

Berlin, Germany has opened their doors wide to all refugees in need. Refugees from all around Europe, The Middle East, Africa, and beyond have found sanctuary in this small geographic area. Within this group lies people who have previously been cut off from the Gospel and are now located in a place open to the preaching of the good news and to the message of hope. 

*photo by ekballo project

*photo by ekballo project

While circumstance is undeniably and unbelievably awful, we believe that it is the goodness of God to bring hope and peace in a time of chaos. Such a time is this to be sent into the nations to bring the message of hope and better days. We truly believe the Gospel in action changes everything, from a meal served in love to everlasting life. That if we would move in the rhythm of God's heart, healing would come and people would receive real love. Most of all this is not just for the far off missionary, but for the neighbor next door and the co-worker beside you. 

It's our hope that this trip would bring clarity to feelings we have had about the future as well as lay a foundation for the ministry organization being laid by the Roleys. As far as work on the ground goes, we will be helping lead a ministry conference for new believers, help with local efforts, and support the missionaries already there. 

We are TWO WEEKS from our deadline, time has really flown, and we would covet your prayers and support as we work to raise the last two thousand that we are in need of. Thank you to everyone who has helped us get to past the first half of the funds.

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