Ohio Trip Pt. 1 // Alicia + Tyler

        I absolutely love going new places, and even more than going to places do I love visiting friends. Last weekend I got to do both, which was such a blessing to me. Alicia is one of my dear friends, and seriously an AMAZING photographer.... (Alicia Wines Photography)  <--- check this girl ouutttttt.  She let me visit and she actually just recently got engaged. I couldn't help but ask for a few photos of them, just for my sake and really just of this stunning gal to put some great content on my new website. Alicia has been so incredibly encouraging to me, photography wise, relationship wise, and really just life wise. She's been the closet thing to a mentor that I have ever had, and it really has been an honor to soak up her wisdom but still feel like a friend.  She's the cat's pajamas, and I secretly wish I could just take her to Italy so I wouldn't have to leave her. 


And then they got into a snow fight.

With love,