Ohio Trip Pt. 2 // Ashley

      I just recently became friends with Ashley this past year, but she has seriously become so close, so fast. Her intimacy with the Lord, the way she hears His voice, loves the people around her and truly chases after adventure is SO inspiring to me. It was good to go to Ohio to see her along with Alicia before she heads off to Australia for her own study abroad. While I was with her though, not only did I get to witness powerful ministry on my own life and the lives of others, hear crazy testimonies, and experience wonderful hospitality...but I also got to go out and just take pictures for the sake of taking pictures. I can honestly say it's been a while since I took pictures just for the fun of it and I could feel the creativity return to me that has felt like it's gone missing this past semester. Ashley is a stunning individual, with a heart to match. Here's to wishing her the very best as she goes on her newest adventure. 

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